Real Clients

"What makes you extraordinary is not only your superlative skill as a DPT, but also your ability to gain the trust of your patients." -  Dr Andrea

"Your concern for my health and comfort was a blessing. You truly have a gift to make people feel secure in your care" - H. M

"Thank you for being analytically brilliant, determined, attentive, supportive, expert and funny! You rock!" - Shelly C.

"Thank you for making me feel whole again. I will always appreciate your healing ways. You have been a miracle worker." - Lisa

"Your skills as a therapist are second only to your fine intellect and sparkling wit. You are an exceptional human being; you changed my life" - Janis H.

"Thank you for literally giving me back "a life". You are truly a remarkable guy and i am forever grateful" - S.C.

"Thank you for your time and generosity in helping me with my back. From the day you first looked at my back i knew you were special. I know you care for your patients and their healing and you take the extra time to listen. Seeing me after hours says so much about your quality of character and for that I am grateful." - Darren B.